Friday, March 14, 2014

It's been a month, give or take, since my last post, so obviously some things haven't been working quite like planned.  That being said, however, I have been journaling like a fiend, and participating in swaps and exchanges that have come about because of the DLP project.  We are getting ready to start week 12, and I have only failed to complete 2 challenges - Using Pinterest as my inspiration, and What makes me "me".  They aren't undone because of a lack of time, but because 1.  I have so much inspiration on pinterest I just don't know where to start, and 2. Because I'm not sure who the hell I am, at this point in my life.  It's sad when, at 45, you're not sure who you are.

I'll figure it out eventually...hopefully BEFORE the end of the year.  I'm pretty sure I know what my inspiration will end up being, but we'll have to see.

Softball season is in full swing, and E is finally eligible to play....we hope.  Her English teacher is being a full bore bitch and hasn't been entering grades into the parent portal.  So, while E has been on spring break, the teacher finally decides to do her fucking job and enters 2 of 4 grades...thereby giving E a failing grade in English.  The thing that pisses me off about this, is that E had NO chance to make corrections.  NO chance to fix the grade.  And this heifer is so fucking busy with her cheer squad that she's not in class to adequately explain the project she failed my daughter on.  She then tells me in a response to my email to her, that her students are her first priority and that she is available in the mornings for her students to come for help.  Really?????  Because the last 3 times E has gone to her room before school, she HAS NOT been there. So, that's obviously bullshit.  So, no, she will show me how it is my daughter failed her project, and then they will get my daughter out of her fucking class and into another, so that there isn't any retribution failing going on.

This is not my first rodeo with teachers who think that the way they look at some fucking bullshit story or poem is the ONLY way to look at it.

So this is what my dining room table looked like earlier this week.  I finished up two postcards, and some backgrounds.  I also did some work in my journal and my planner.  

And on that note, I shall take my leave and go spend the day shopping for food for the family so they can eat it at dinner.